Here’s My 12-Step Copywriting Formula That Will Allow You To Easily, and Automatically Sell Your Products And Services In A Way That You’ll Feel Great About…

Dear Friend,

This is one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year, and there are an endless number of “things” you could buy this week, but there’s only one purchase you can make today that can actually put money INTO your pocket…

7-Figure Sales Presentations.

In fact, Brian Page experienced this first-hand last year when he took advantage of the opportunity you have right now at this very moment…

“I vividly remember the day I launched my first online product. I had spent the better part of a year pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into creating an 8 week online video course.

I was so convinced my launch would be successful that I told all my friends I was just days away from being a millionaire. I guess you could say I was quickly humbled – because that’s not at all what happened.

I ended up selling a grand total of 7 people during that launch! I had worked an entire year to only make a few thousand dollars online. Ugh.

The experience was by far the lowest point in my journey. In fact, I refunded every customer and decided to start over from scratch.

I learned that creating a great product is not the same as knowing how to sell it effectively.

So I decided to dust myself off and spend an additional six months studying all the marketing greats that I could find online.

And while I learned a lot in the process, I ended up purchasing just one product to implement my new plan, and that was “7-Figure Sales Presentations”.

After implementing what Mike teaches in his program, my launch failure soon became a massive hit product.

In the last 12 months I’ve sold over $4.5 million of my course and now I’m well on my way to crushing eight figures for my brand.

Do what I did and invest in yourself. Learn from the best and get what you’re after – faster, by following someone who’s done what you’re aiming to achieve.

Thank you, Mike, for putting together a NO BS master class on how to sell online!

Because of you I’ve been able to inspire others just as you’ve inspired me to achieve massive success.”

– Brian Page
Creator of the BNB Formula

As I mentioned in the video above, “you’re only one sales presentation away from changing your life forever”, and Brian’s story is just one more amazing example of this.

When you buy “7-Figure Sales Presentations”, you’re not buying a “course”, you’re buying the ability to generate life-changing money and cash-flow on demand…

This is the magic skill that every single successful entrepreneur has taken the time to master at one point in their career, and it’s what set them free. 

It can set you free as well.


1: Instant Access To The Entire 7FSP Program… 

When you join the 7-Figure Sales Presentations Master Class, you’ll look over my shoulder as I help you write, record, and post your very own automated sales presentation using the same formula I use in all of my presentations to turn cold traffic, into paid customers.

The moment you join, you’ll have full access to the entire program, (all 6 Modules and 12 step-by-step videos) which means you can progress as fast or as slow as you want.

EVERYTHING… Every single step is covered, and there’s no technical expertise required.

By the time you’re done, you’ll have a complete and working automated Video Sales Letter or Webinar, live and on the web, and mastery of the most valuable skill in marketing.

2: An Extremely Limited 50% Discount!

When you join 7FSP before the deadline, you’ll get a whopping 50% discount off the normal price, instantly saving you $1,000!

3: A No-Questions-Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…

In addition to that incredible discount, I want to make this a completely safe decision for you, so I’m also going to give you an unprecedented 2-Part Guarantee that’s unheard of…

First and foremost, I’m going to give you a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

Follow along for the first 30 days of the program, and if it’s not a fit for you for any reason, just contact my support team at

4: I’ll Send You An Extra $100 In Cash If You’re Not Completely Satisfied!

Yep, I’m serious…

If 7FSP doesn’t completely exceed your expectations, I’ll issue you a 100% refund of the purchase price, AND… I’ll send you an extra $100 via PayPal just to thank you for giving me the opportunity to change your life for the better.

In other words, you can’t lose.

Either you gain this incredible ability to generate sales and cash on demand, or you walk away with an extra $100 in your pocket. 

Frankly, with an offer like that, it would be foolish not to buy!

5: My Black Book of 7-Figure Scripts…

In addition to the course, I’m also going to give you free access to my copywriting “Black Book Swipe File:

This is a collection of some of the most successful sales presentations in the world… Scripts that have made millions, and even billions in sales, automatically.

You’ll even get transcripts and replay links to my most successful sales presentations, including…

Magnetic Sponsoring – $25 Million

EVG – $3.2 Million in 7 days

Palm Beach Bitcoin Promotion – $578,000 in 7 days

List-Grow Webinar Script – $470,000 PER MONTH.

And MANY more…

All of these presentations use my 25-Part Formula, and now all you have to do is swipe your favorite pieces, and use them in your presentation!

This asset alone is worth 10X the price of the entire program, but I’m going to give it to you for FREE when you join today.


The CEO of Agora Financial, Joe Schreifer, has generously offered to give all new 7FSP students access to their internal swipe file!

Simply put, Joe and his team of writers are the best in the world at writing copy that sells, and getting access to their internal swipe file is priceless!!

This is an INCREDIBLE free bonus that is exclusive to 7FSP students!


Mike Dillard

Here’s What Current 7FSP Students Have To Say!

“I very much enjoyed the course. It was well laid out, easy to use and I found it very helpful in prodding me during the writing process. I am still using the course, now to help with a Face Book campaign. I would and have recommended this course to others and will continue to do so.

Lastly, it might interest others to know that I have been in business for myself for 40+ years, so I am not a newbie, right? Yet, I was still able to learn a “new trick!” People ask me how old I am and I reply “half way.” So, the good news is that I will be able to use Mike’s lessons for a long time,

– Steve Gillette

“I signed up to Mike’s 7 Figure Sales Presentation Course to learn as much as possible about Mike’s sales process, as quickly as possible. The course is great – Mike takes you through his methodology step-by-step and gives you the formula to create your own online sales presentations. I’d highly recommend the course if you’re looking to learn from one of the top online sales pros out there.”

– Benjamin Hosack

“Mike, my 7FSP funnel is all set up thanks to your teaching. Your course pushed me to make it happen. The words that you mentioned kept running through my mind, “this is easy.” When I felt it was hard, I thought of those words and focused on keeping it simple and easy.”

– Barry Brooksby

“7FSP is an awesome course, especially if you plan to create online presentations, but for me, the pull toward purchasing and implementing it came from learning the copyrighting process from Mike Dillard. The first time I was exposed to 7FSP I dove in, and am so glad I did. Awesome course! Phenomenal content! I’m changed by having completed it! And, am going through it again and again and picking up more each time. Thanks Mike!”

– Rick Siperko

“Due to the tips and detailed instruction by Mike Dillard we have had an overwhelming response to our first webinar launch. In less than 24 hours, we have maxed out our 50-attendee goal and will be sending out a marketing launch for a second webinar due to high demand! Highly recommend this program! Thanks, Mike!”

– Heather Dickson

“I’m a solopreneur and a Mom. I run an executive search firm and have always wanted to create and sell an online course. Having the residual income of an online course would make such a difference for me so that I can spend more quality time with my girls. I purchased 7 Figure Sales Presentations 6-months ago.

I walked through the course step by step and created both my course and my evergreen sales webinar following Mike’s step-by-step instructions. Usually I get stuck and frustrated with technology, but Mike made it simple. His course has both video as well as transcripts to follow.

He also gets right to the point in his teaching – which really mattered to me because I don’t have much spare time between running my business and raising two very active girls. In every moment of his videos, Mike is teaching valuable, implementable content. I believe in modeling successful people, and Mike Dillard is the perfect role model when it comes to creating sales webinars and online courses.”

– Shanna Landolt

“I have followed Mike Dillard for years and he has consistently provided so much value to my life. With the 7 Figure Sales Presentation program Mike has outdone himself! The product is so well organized it breaks down a complex skill and applies a simple process in easy to digest pieces.

The other thing that I love about his product is that it doesn’t have fluff in it, Mike is like a digital marketing surgeon. Mike thank you so much for creating this product for us, it’s amazing!”

– Steve Larsen

“Hi Mike, I have just completed the 7 Figure Sales Presentation and I was so impressed with the course material. The course is packed with the most comprehensive information, it left no rock unturned, but what is most impressive is that you took something difficult and made it easy.

What I really appreciated about the material is that each module is so descriptive and the videos are so easy to follow that all you must do is follow along, apply what you teach and by the end every participant will have their own 7 Figure Sales Presentation.

You have gained a lifelong fan. Thanks for over delivering.”

– Phil Clelland

“His training made my webinar creation process the best it could have ever been! I believe it will prove to be worth a lot in the coming months, not just to me, but to many others I get to help!

“I’ve never written a webinar before, but Mike’s 7-Figure Sales Presentations training not only made it possible, he made it enjoyable as well. The training eliminated the stress and anxiety that we all experience when doing something difficult or new. It is so good, if my mom wanted to sell red dresses on the internet, I would insist that she go through Mike’s 7-Figure Sales Presentations! Many thanks to Mike and his wonderful support team!”

– Ron Tank

“I found the 7 Figure Sales Presentation program to be very comprehensive and enables anyone to follow the step by step guidance to getting their sales material set up online. The first foundation modules about understanding influence and deciding on your unique angle are extremely well done which really help to get you thinking.

After that, the whole sequence is provided with live examples that make swapping out for your own material easy to implement. All in all, it was actually a fun process to work through and you can realistically have your own sales presentation live and generating leads/sales within a couple of weeks.”

– David Borthwick

“Mike, YOU made it. You made me complete as business owner. I know how to set up a company and being successful. I know how to get my mind right and to sell. I know how to inspire and help others as life coach and now I am also able to market myself. This was for me the last missing piece.”

I gratefully thank you what you have done for me.”

– Alex Maklerschmitz

“I teach a sophisticated medical education program to MD’s. So I can appreciate what it takes to put together complex material and to present it in a way that makes something that is initially daunting into something that students feel they can achieve.

Mike Dillard’s work has all the hallmarks of a superior teacher and once I realized that I needed to as good at marketing as I was at teaching my own material, I knew I needed to go find a rock-solid mentor whose example I could emulate.

No other figure has saved me more time and struggle by revealing the essential *how-to* the way Mike has done for my marketing education.

I expect I will continue to study Mike’s stuff going forward but the 7-Figure-Sales-Presentation has already begun to change my career trajectory and I will use this process over and over as I continue to create and release more material.

Thanks Mike and thanks to your whole team for making such a fantastic training program with such great support.”

– Christian Nix

“Amazing course! I have not only learned how to create my own VSL but I feel like Mike has taught me (even more so) “The Art of Persuasion.” The step-by-step guidance, all the info, insights, scripts, and all the real-life examples are just pure gold. This will help me tremendously in my real estate business as well. So grateful I got this course. Thank you Mike!”

– Martin Moeckel

“I am extremely grateful to Mike for sharing his knowledge and expertise through the 7FSP Course. I put together a full webinar that I will have the opportunity to use in the future and a VSL for our website.

He took us step-by-step and there wasn’t a time that I felt overwhelmed or unsure of what he was
instructing us to do. I admire him for his honesty and commitment… Something that we don’t see very
often. I am now excited to start my Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Thank you Mike for all your help!”

– Sue Cluff

“Most business owners started their company because they want more freedom, the ability to work on their own schedule, as well as make the money they deserve. And when you invest in Mike Dillard’s 7 figure sales presentations you will learn a skill set that can deliver all of that and more. This is one of the best investments I have ever made”

– Jeff Woods

“Mike & team, thank you so much for putting together the 7FSP program. Not only do I understand my customers better but I have an entirely new empathetic relationship with them. Additionally, I have gained a thorough understanding of copywriting that will last me a life time.’

– Renee Rivard

“I spend a lot of money on educational courses–I buy and complete several a year. Mike’s 7fsp is one of
the most comprehensive, easy to follow, ‘how to’ programs I’ve ever attended. I watched every minute of it, it went fast, it covered everything and was easy to follow. And after a few weeks, I had a super impactful sales webinar that attracts leads and converts clients 24/7.”

– Robert Bohli

Mike, your 7 Figure Sales Presentation copyrighting course has taught me soooo much! The way you laid this out by using the ‘looking over your shoulder’ style was very helpful.

Breaking the course down step by step and in bite size pieces is an excellent way for me to really help my target audience understand the benefits and value of the product I am offering them and entices them to purchase right away.

This is a very powerful course and I will be using it over and over in the future. Thank you very much Mike!”

– Lexie Hannah

“Mike breaks down the process of making a video sales letter and webinar into bite sized steps. Any entrepreneur (or wanna-be entrepreneur!) who has passion for their product or service can follow it, and successfully put one together to attract customers for their own business. I know I’m a great tutor, but was afraid to put myself out there.

I was also unsure how to advertise my service in the online world. Mike’s videos helped me finally put my VSL together and upload it onto my website with pay options. So now prospects can find me online, watch my presentation, and pay me all on my website, in one sitting.

Learning Screenflow and buying the right microphone (thanks to Mike’s instructions) also made me feel comfortable filming and editing videos. So now I plan to film and post some teaching videos on YouTube as well. Which will further promote my business and funnel prospective students to my sales page.

The process also helped me think about and narrow my prospects’ pain points, what they need to hear deep down to buy, and what content will be irresistible to them.

Creating this VSL wasn’t just about creating a video, it also helped me with understanding my audience better, ideas for products and services my prospects would want, learning to film and edit myself, and promoting myself better. Thank you so much!“

– Christina Piper

Mike, I want to thank you for such an OUTSTANDING marketing course and for motivating me with your 12 month challenge! I did it!!! And, I want to thank you for that! For anyone who is serious about making money online, your course and your money-back guarantee is a complete NO BRAINER. I love the wisdom and practical experience you give us! I like to stand on the shoulders of giants so I can see further rather than standing just on my own. Your course did that for me. Thank you again!

– Marcello Surjopolos